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8/5, xXx HQ has announced today that Indy Scene stars and xXx Originals, Joey Nox and Mickey LeBlanc have signed contracts with the L.A. based company. The two men formerly known as "The Black Suit Outlaws" in 2WWF, "Dangerous Professionalism" in TFW and UWF are excited in joining xXx again. "So the xXx is back in action? Well if the xXx is coming back then the guys who made this place into the MECCA of wrestling in California must come back! That's right xXx fans, NOX is coming home and he's bringing The Outlaws with him",says Nox. Other additions to the xXx Roster include; xXx Original Nathan Hardy, son of xXx Commsioner Jimmy Knight, James Knight and a new comer to xXx El Luchador Gran Blanco. More news as it happens, keep it here at! will have a show schedual area up very soon!